I’ve been to lots of doctors. Dr weakland and Dr Bell aren’t just doctors, they’re healers. Any doctor can diagnosis and give treatments, but healers do more.
My name is Rich and I have been a patient of Dr Weakland since 2008.  I have type II diabetes and even though I had symptoms most of my life, Dr Weakland was the first to diagnosis this.
Very soon I will be moving quite a long way from Seattle but I am going to keep Dr Weakland as my primary care physician because of the philosophy she and Dr Bell believe in.  I trust them.  When I’ve needed support to make change, they’ve taken the time to hear my opinions and thoughts and explain their viewpoints in detail.  I didn’t always agree, but we could always talk.
Any doctor can diagnose and prescribe medications, but the difference between these two beautiful people is the love, concern and caring that comes through. You feel like a great friend and family member. In todays world and in the state of medicine this is rare.
If you are looking for a doctor who will treat you as a friend first and a patient second, I recommend Dr Weakland and Dr Bell. You will be happy you did. 

Our Mission:  provide the finest level of primary care built on relationships of respect and trust.