About  two years ago I started seeing the doctors at Ballard Neighborhood Doctors.  It's rare to find a mix of doctors who are extremely capable, very accessible and who have a competent and caring administrative staff. 

It's important to me that my doctors are team players. I don't take kindly to a stodgy doc in a lab coat lecturing me or telling me what to do. This is my (and my family's) health, our opinions deserve consideration when discussing treatments. This is where Drs. Bell and Weakland really shine. I feel like I have knowledgeable partners in my healthcare. They actively ask for my input, and have never, ever spoken to me in a condescending manner. You can tell that they don't feel that their medical degrees automatically make them superior to you. That being said, sometimes I *do* just need to know what do (thanks to my lack of aforementioned medical degree) and they are great about presenting and explaining options in both naturopathic and western medicine. 

Krista at the front desk is also amazing. I have left practices over disorganized/uncaring/flaky administrative staff, and they should all have to take lessons from Krista. She's organized, caring and always friendly. 

This really is the best of everything as far as a medical practice is concerned. I would recommend Ballard Neighborhood Doctors to anyone.


Our Mission:  provide the finest level of primary care built on relationships of respect and trust.