Drs. Weakland and Bell are available to all established patients at BND 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for urgent medical concerns. 


Our pager number is available on our after hours voice mail.  When leaving a message on the pager, please clearly state your name and phone number slowly twice.  Please remain available at that number for 30 minutes.  If we do not reach you, please page us again. 


The pager system is intended to provide support and information about the urgency of needing medical treatment.  When we receive your call, we will help you think through the symptoms you are experiencing and advise you as to whether you need to be seen immediately, within the next few hours, within the next day, or if waiting until the next regular clinic day is most appropriate.  


Given the nature of the telephone and our inability to fully assess you over the phone, we can not provide information regarding your actual diagnosis, recommended treatments, nor prescribe medications. 


Please do not use the pager to request refills of your regular medications.


During non business hours and for non emergency issues, we recommend you page us prior to going to an urgent care or emergency department.  This is to help you decide if a visit is truly needed as well as to see if we can meet you at our clinic during after hours.  We can not guarantee this service but do offer it when possible. 






Please feel free to fill out the forms in advance.  They will be discussed with you during the visit.


Annual wellness exam form

Travel counseling


Our Mission:  provide the finest level of primary care built on relationships of respect and trust.