Welcome to Ballard Neighborhood Doctors



BND is part of a national movement of physicians (idealmedicalpractice.org)

who have stepped out of institutional medicine to spend more time with patients and focus on personalized care. This practice model uses electronic medical records as well as reduced office staff to have longer visits and more direct access by patients to their physician. 





New Patient Inquires


Please review the information on this site to ensure our clinic is the right fit for you.  We have information under the Payments tab regarding insurance coverage.  You will also find an insurance worksheet in this area to help you understand your own coverage. 


If our style of practice is appealing, send your name and reason for your interest to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..     If you are insured, also include the insurance company and plan information.


We will then contact you as quickly as possible with information on registering at our clinic.  We are a small clinic so please have patience for this process.  If you have an urgent medical concern please provide details so we can help you more quickly.  


Once you are registered, please use the following links to our forms and insurance information which will help you be prepared for your first visit with us.  We can also provide you these forms at our office.     


- Use your insurer's website or call your insurance company to verify coverage for both doctors 

-  Read our Practice Policies and print and sign our Signature Page

-  Print and complete the Health History form




Portal Account


All patients at Ballard Neighborhood Doctors will be provided with a medical portal account. This account allows you to receive secure communications, get lab results, update contact information, schedule appointments and receive appointment reminders.


With your online registration, you acknowledge receipt of the portal policies and agree to comply with all account policies and procedures as detailed in the Practice Policies. The link to access your BND portal account is under the Current Patients tab.



Our Mission:  provide the finest level of primary care built on relationships of respect and trust.